It is sometimes controversial to say that looks are important. But in the world of design, it is often all that counts. In the world of legal protection for designs, how something looks is defining.

Design rights play a vital role in IP portfolios across a wide range of industry sectors, from fashion to toys and from automotive to aerospace engineering. In day-to-day items such as phones, kettles, children’s suitcases and even packaging, good design is driving sales. Often supplementing patent and trade mark protection, strong design rights are essential, if looks are important for your product.

We have a dedicated team of design specialists that can advise you, internationally, on:

  • Searching and preliminary advice – to assess prior rights, establish freedom to use the design and assess its likelihood of registration
  • Registration and prosecution of the design – to advise on the application process and deal with objections raised by the IP offices
  • Alignment with other rights – to consider how the registered design can work with patents, copyright and trade marks to create a canopy of IP protection for key product lines
  • Strategic advice – to identify, capture and assess ownership of national, EU and multinational unregistered design rights and copyright
  • Cancellation and infringement – to advise you on and support you in taking action to enforce or protect your rights, calling on the support of our litigation experts when appropriate.
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