As unfashionable as it may sound, there is still a need for IP audits when done right and for the right reasons.

Whilst audit and IP due diligence may be regarded by some as yesterday’s tools for assessing IP risk and opportunity, our joined up team of specialist attorneys and lawyers approach them differently.

We can help you identify what IP you own, whether you have the right processes in place to harvest and capture this IP, and whether you are exploiting it properly for your commercial advantage. Our work in this area will always target the assessment and creation of value, or the reduction of risk. We will never just measure, record, or list without justification, or produce a ‘dead document’.

Our work is presented in an engaging, commercial and business-relevant way, so that it can move around your business, including at Board level, without further unbudgeted work or amendment, and without further time or input from you.

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