Driven by a passion to enhance our clients’ businesses in all that we do, we help our clients answer questions like:

  • What IP do you own?
  • How does your IP enable your business to achieve its goals?
  • Does the Board understand how IP in your business is adding value?
  • How much is your IP actually worth, and how can you leverage this value for your business?
  • What are your competitors doing, and how can you stay ahead of them?
  • What will the IP landscape look like in the future, and how can you profit from the changes?

As a full service IP firm, we help our clients create and implement IP strategies that:

  • Dovetail with real business goals
  • Identify specific actions and timelines
  • Enable sound decisions to be taken for the right reasons based on agreed criteria
  • Can provide substantial and measurable commercial advantage
  • Are tailored to meet the budget available, and always pass the cost/benefit test
  • Help realise the financial value of your IP
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